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At Salarisjobs, the payroll administration is pivotal

Salarisjobs was founded in January 2006 by Hans Deltrap. Prior to this, Hans had gained more than 10 years of experience as a payroll consultant at many companies. During this period, he noticed that the quality of a large number of service providers was below the ideal level. Through Salarisjobs, he takes the service associated with payroll administration to a higher level. Because of the experience gathered over time and the specialist knowledge of its staff, SALARISJOBS is able to add value to the payroll administration services that it provides.

Salarisjobs has three branches which are in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Breda.

International payroll

Immensum B.V. is a separate entity to Salarisjobs and specialises in international payroll. Immensum helps to provide high-quality payroll administration for international companies, inpats and expats. This includes four services: consultancy, payroll management for inpats and expats, operational payroll management and the processing of payroll-related forms (for example, application for the 30% ruling, A1 declarations, etc.).

For more information, please visit www.immensum.nl or contact us.

Management & Sales

Hans Deltrap RPP

T 06 - 227 99 734
E hdeltrap@salarisjobs.nl

Sjoerd de Boer

Partner Salarisjobs Amsterdam B.V.
regio Amsterdam/Utrecht
T 06 - 282 41 960
E sdboer@salarisjobs.nl

Aukje Verbraak

Accountmanager regio Zuid
T 06 - 398 70 946
E averbraak@salarisjobs.nl

Marijke Balder

Accountmanager regio Noord
T 06 - 289 27 709
E mbalder@salarisjobs.nl

Naomi van Linschoten

T 06- 147 50 229
E nvlinschoten@salarisjobs.nl

Simone Vet

T 06- 142 09 785
E svet@salarisjobs.nl

Deborah Harreman RSa

Administration-  and invoicing department

Naomi Merkx

Commercial office employee

payroll professionals

We proudly present a number of our professionals. All our payroll professionals have years of experience in payroll area and are NIRPA certified.

René Visser RSa

Payroll consultant

Marco van Mil RPP CPP

Payroll consultant

Rense Jelgerhuis RPP

Payroll consultant

Mireille Quint RSa

Payroll consultant

Jan de Regt RSa

Payroll consultant

Peggy Krijbolder RSa

Payroll consultant

Aimée Waas RPP

Payroll consultant

Karim el Kadi RSa

Payroll consultant

Christa van Klei RSa

Payroll consultant

Aimée Lejeune Rsa

Payroll consultant

Dona Venghaus - Felter RSa

Payroll consultant

Daphne Walgreen RPP – AFAS Expert

Payroll consultant

Anny van Lunszen

Payroll consultant

Selection of clients

Listed below are a number of our clients for whom our candidates work - all to our clients' satisfaction.

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All projects start with an introduction. Our service is based on customization and personal approach, we like to come along to discuss the possibilities. 



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