International container terminal

One of our payroll consultants provides support with the daily payroll of a large international container terminal.


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Marco: As a Salarisjobs payroll consultant, each day I coordinate the payroll on behalf of my (international) customers and deal with the various complicated payroll tax and social security issues that this entails. In many cases, foreign employees are on Short Term Assignments (STA) in the Netherlands, or vice versa. Often, the customer is unaware of the tax-related implications at an international level that are brought about by this type of set-up; I keep my ears and eyes open and make the customer aware of the impact of this on the payroll.

I am emphatically involved in setting up and coordinating split payrolls and/or shadow payrolls. I use this information to generate the correct remittance for the tax authorities. Both on behalf of the customer and our sister company, Immensum, I communicate regularly with foreign partners and/or the customer, to ensure that the correct data is incorporated in both payrolls.

This customer has employees all over the world. Just about any situation can arise; every individual is different and everyone has to be assessed based on his/her own circumstances. All of these unusual salary situations and the estimation of various allowances and forms of remuneration also have implications for the financial administration, for example, the Expense Allowance Scheme (WKR). In this respect too, I work on streamlining the administration in accordance with legislation.



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