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Payroll administration

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Salary is a rewarding subject. A fair day's wage for a fair day's work always feels great and a payroll advisor therefore always has many friends within an organisation. But salary is equally a delicate issue: the payroll administration must be faultless and discrete. After all it is important to employees as the payroll is when their hard work is translated into actual wages and fringe benefits. But the payroll is also important because employee wages is often one of the largest single expenses of a company.

Trust is therefore essential, whether this is the trust of employees, the finance team or HR: Salarisjobs recruits and seconds payroll administration consultants: professionals who examine, organise and process the payroll. This secondment may be on a temporary basis and may serve a specific purpose, but equally if you wish to outsource the full payroll administration, we can take control of this in its entirety (outsourcing).

Tailored payroll administration

Through the working methods that we apply, our aim is to be of added value to an organisation. We are not satisfied until, along with our clients, we have found the best possible solution. Our staff, based at our offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Breda, process the payroll in-house at our clients. Our current clients have between 5 and 2,000 employees. We have unparalleled focus and we offer a particularly wide range of services. Day in day out, our payroll professionals prove that, with Salarisjobs, you get what you deserve. If you consider just how important their wage is to employees and the fact that this is one of the largest single expenses of a company, it is hard to believe that the payroll administration is often considered a 'poor relation'. To the extent that it doesn't even have a place to call its own within an organisation, sometimes finding a home in Finance and sometimes in HR. In our opinion, the payroll process (more than just 'administration') deserves its own 'home' in the midst of those two departments.

Payroll administration boring?

Through our services we like to contribute to this belief. Is payroll administration boring? Absolutely not, as the simple work is largely automated. The added value of our senior professionals is down to the advice and organisation and this is where we can really help others. Quite frankly, this is also the driving force behind Salarisjobs. We often find that the payroll administration has become a blind spot: an employees doesn't understand his salary slip, but takes it at face value anyway and the employer doesn't realise that it is sometimes losing hundreds of thousands of Euros.

It's not really surprising that we really do make people happy.

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